Welcome to an idea that has been simmering for a long time. Born out of my passion for art and design (and also out of a need to transition from a multitasking manic gerbil to a mindful mother of two), is a wild dream come true! Inspired by my kids, I decided to launch in an effort to nurture wonder and optimism while encouraging creative confidence and curiosity.

Rooted in an insatiable appetite for beauty, discovery and appreciation, this website combines my long-standing passion for illustration with my sheer enthusiasm for design thinking.

As an artist with an MBA, I am an advocate of any concept that bridges the left and right brain! Design thinking is an iterative process that applies empathy, rational decision-making and creativity. Used as a framework for innovation, it expands on traditional ways to frame issues and ideas: from linear & sequential to overlapping & fluid; from conventional wisdom to intuitive interpretation; from rational thinking to lateral thinking; from goal-centered to human-centered. Central to this approach is the fruition of abstract ideas that aim to ultimately improve the future.

Through art, the possibilities are endless. Through design thinking, the possibilities are meaningful.

Through, I genuinely hope that you will find visually compelling colouring concepts that inspire you to explore, express and enjoy.

All my best,