Happy New Year! Bonne Année!

Lego - everything is awesome!

Hello Friends! How have you been? I meant to post my second blog entry ‘last year’ but found myself overwhelmed with the usual suspects: tweets, likes, shares, posts, pins, follows, emails and of course, the colouring pages!

Blogging more frequently is on my to-do list for 2015 which incidentally, will be accompanied by a ‘done list’ going forward to contextualize the unchecked boxes and document small progress.

Some of you have asked me how long it takes to create a colouring page? A single colouring page can take anywhere from a couple of hours to two days to complete depending on the complexity of the illustration! Layer on the precursors to creativity – inspiration, timing and flow – and the whole process can ultimately be swift or slow. One thing I have learned is to embrace the unknowable and avoid scheduling creativity into neat blocks of time on a Gantt chart!

What triggers my ideas? Anything and Everything! A word. A photo. A place. A smell. A taste. An experience. A song. Anything that inspires me, delights me or simply makes me giggle. That said, I am perpetually drawn to nature and animals as an abundant and extraordinary source of inspiration.

“Everything is Awesome…
Blue skies, bouncy springs,
We just named a few awesome things,
A Nobel prize, a piece of string,
You know what’s awesome? Everything.”
Shawn Patterson performed by Tegan and Sara & the Lonely Island

I find beauty in so many things (Lego included!) – self-editing is an issue! Eventually, the concepts or visual ideas that make the cut are the ones that I think are more distinct, appealing and optimistic.

To be sure though, I will be reaching out to you in the coming months with a short survey to better understand what your preferences are and what I can improve on!


From Painting to Pixels!

Welcome to my brand spanking new website where lighthearted design enthusiasts can convene for fun times!

In my blog, you will find musings that range from chocolatey goodness to Chris Hadfield.

But first, let’s begin with the genesis for in this inaugural post…

Ever since I can remember, I always drew – on paper, coffee tables and those large white canvases my parents called ‘walls’. I started with a mustard yellow HB pencil and eventually graduated to pastels, markers, watercolours, acrylic and oil paint. My practice with mixed media came to a grinding halt in grade one when I taped a cute dead mouse onto my rudimentary collage. (yes, it was already dead when I found it and no, my teacher’s hysterics did not dampen my inner creative spirit)

Well, one thing led to another and I naturally wound up in marketing?! With a degree in fashion design and an MBA in brand management, I devoted most of my career to building other brands. Until one fine day last winter, when I finally gave in to my inner voice… is more than a website. For me, it has been a life-changing, ‘cliff jumping’ adventure. Not only did I have to teach myself to draw with a tablet and learn a bit of code (oh dear), I set up shop in our dining room and subjected my lovely family to minimalist gastronomy this past year, if you know what I mean. All this to say that this venture has been incredibly humbling and positively enriching! My only hope is that you enjoy browsing, sharing and colouring my designs as much as I love creating them for you.

WARNING: I can’t help but write the way I speak. Expect run-on sentences and an over-abundance of exclamation marks and interrobangs in my blog. (‘?!’ in case you were wondering)

A couple examples of past portrait commissions
Wally, Jackie, Kate, Oil on canvas, Teena Han, 2014


Rex and Measha, Acrylic on canvas, Teena Han, 2010