Lego - everything is awesome!

Hello Friends! How have you been? I meant to post my second blog entry ‘last year’ but found myself overwhelmed with the usual suspects: tweets, likes, shares, posts, pins, follows, emails and of course, the colouring pages!

Blogging more frequently is on my to-do list for 2015 which incidentally, will be accompanied by a ‘done list’ going forward to contextualize the unchecked boxes and document small progress.

Some of you have asked me how long it takes to create a colouring page? A single colouring page can take anywhere from a couple of hours to two days to complete depending on the complexity of the illustration! Layer on the precursors to creativity – inspiration, timing and flow – and the whole process can ultimately be swift or slow. One thing I have learned is to embrace the unknowable and avoid scheduling creativity into neat blocks of time on a Gantt chart!

What triggers my ideas? Anything and Everything! A word. A photo. A place. A smell. A taste. An experience. A song. Anything that inspires me, delights me or simply makes me giggle. That said, I am perpetually drawn to nature and animals as an abundant and extraordinary source of inspiration.

“Everything is Awesome…
Blue skies, bouncy springs,
We just named a few awesome things,
A Nobel prize, a piece of string,
You know what’s awesome? Everything.”
Shawn Patterson performed by Tegan and Sara & the Lonely Island

I find beauty in so many things (Lego included!) – self-editing is an issue! Eventually, the concepts or visual ideas that make the cut are the ones that I think are more distinct, appealing and optimistic.

To be sure though, I will be reaching out to you in the coming months with a short survey to better understand what your preferences are and what I can improve on!